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Contributing opportunities.


I was part of a team that tested and implemented CORAL in an academic health sciences library.
I'm currently working toward a cert in PHP/SQL (inspired in large part by working with CORAL) and would love to contribute back to the project in some way.

Is there a ticket or maintenance system I could start working on as a maintainer, and if so, how might I sign up?

Thanks you all for your great work on this ERMS.

Peter Jones
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library
University of Utah

contributing opportunities

Hello Peter,
We've moved the code over to github and have started to track enhancement requests there as issues on each repository. Most of the enhancements are not yet documented sufficiently to be actionable but some of them probably are fairly straightforward. We'd recommend that you start by registering a personal profile on github and then familiarize yourself with its use. We'll follow up via email with you directly to discuss in more detail how to contribute.
Benjamin Heet
Hesburgh Libraries
University of Notre Dame

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